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Holy mountain of Slovenia – climbing Triglav from Rudno Polje

July 19, 2019

Triglav is not only the highest peak of the Julian Alps, but also a national symbol and the pride of Slovenia. Mount Triglav appears on the national flag and coat of arms of Slovenia. It is said that every true Slovene should climb to the top of Triglav at least once in their lifetime. With an elevation of 2864 m ranks at position no. 13 of the highest peaks of each European country. The name Triglav came from the god who “rules the three kingdoms”, the heavens, the earth and hell and as was believed he lived at the highest mountain of Slovenia.

Aljažev Stolp Triglav Slovenia

Climbing Triglav from Rudno Polje

The trail starts at parking lot at Rudno Polje, where sport center Pokljuka is located. At the beginning we walk on the forest gravel road to the second parking lot. After some time we have to leave road and follow path on the right which leads deeper into the forest. We climb up steep hill and slowly leave forest behind and walk passing through dwarf mountain pine. On the left side, in the distance we can see Planina Konjščica where you can buy local Slovenian cheese.

Planina Konjščica Rudno Poje Triglav Slovenia

After some time our trail merges with the trail through Konjščica. The sign shows that to get to mountain pass Studorski Preval there is 45 min, to Vodnikov Dom 2:15 h, and to reach Triglav 5:30 h. We follow the path and we get into plateau Jezerce. There is another trail which connects here – through Srenjski Preval. 

We follow trail on the left and start traversing the steep hillside until saddle Studorski Preval. It has elevation of 1892 m. 

Srenjski Preval Triglav trekking Slovenia

On the left hand side we can see mountain Ablanca (2004 meters high ). The trail goes down and winds across south slope of the mountain Tošc. 

Srenjski Preval Triglav Slovenia

The trail turns right and we pass ledge. There are the marvelous views of the mountains all around. The trail passes scree and leads to the Vodnikov Dom.

trekking Rudno Poje Triglav Slovenia
Trekking Triglav Slovenia Mountains
Vodnikov Dom

Vodnikov Dom mountain hut is located at an altitude of 1817 m under the slopes of Tosc and Vernar. The hut’s name comes from Valentin Vodnik – Slovenian poet and alpinist. The hut is open from May until end of September. There is 70 sleeping spots, and additional 8 in the winter room, which is open all winter. From Vodnikov Dom up to Triglav, according to sign, there is 3:30 h. It is possible to reserve place via email or phone. Here you can find website with all the contact information.

Vodnikov Dom trekking Triglav Slovenia

From Vodnikov Dom we continue on the narrow path and after some time we reach some of exposed areas that are protected with steel cable. There are also some hewn stone steps. The path continues to the pass Konjsko sedlo, where the trail splits into two. Direction sign shows that to the Planika Dom there is 1 h and to Triglavski Dom 1:30 h. We turn left in the direction of Planika mountain hut. The trail climbs steep up the hill. Since it was already pretty late, we decided to put wild camping a bit above Konjsko sedlo.

Triglav Slovenia

It is just amazing how silently starts to be in the mountains after dark. Only sometimes we could hear falling stones. The next day we started climbing up to the Planika Dom. Traversing steep hill we got to the mountain hut, which is located on the attitude of 2401 m.

trekking mountains Triglav Slovenia

via ferrata Triglav Slovenia

Dom Planika

In the mountain hut Planika Dom there is 143 sleeping spots, it is open from end of June until end of September. Because of its location it is popular spot for everyone who would like to climb Triglav. It’s better to reserve a place in the Planika Dom earlier – by email or phone. The prices there are from 23,50 € to 29,50 € , depends if we decide to sleep in dormitory or private room. With Alpenverein discount it is possible to have 30% or 50 % of discount. Here you can find contact information and additionally here prices in mountain hut in 2019.

Dom Planika Triglav Slovenia Photo by Paweł Lega

There is 1:30 h to the summit of Triglav from Planika Dom according to the direction sign. The trail runs north, we have to pass scree. After path turns right, we enter chimney. The path is equipped with a steel cable for via ferrata use. We reach ridge. Here merge trails from Planika Dom with the one from Triglavski Dom. We reach Mali Triglav  2738 m.

Triglav Slovenia
Photo by Paweł Lega

The trail continues exposed narrow ridge. Here path is also equipped with a steel cable. It can be really crowed during season so may be difficult to pass hikers who are going down. After reaching the foot of the steep slope of Triglav there is around 10 minutes or so of climbing up almost vertical wall. We reach the top of Triglav with Aljažev Stolp shelter. There is place for couple of people in case of storm. From top of Triglav you can admire absolutely marvelous view on the numerous surrounding peaks.

Trekking Triglav Slovenia Mountains
Aljažev Stolp Triglav Slovenia

Trekking Triglav Slovenia Mountains

Aga Out Of Office Triglav Slovenia
Photo by Paweł Lega

summit Triglav Slovenia

Getting back to Rudno Polje through Triglavski Dom

To Mali Triglav we need to follow the same path as during climbing up. After we take left trail which leads down to Triglavski Dom. The path is equipped with a steel cable and poles. It is also popular trail so may be a bit crowded.

Triglavski Dom Triglav Slovenia
Photo by Paweł Lega
Triglavski Dom

We reach mountain hut Triglavski Dom (2515 m). It’s the highest mountain hut in Slovenia. It stands under the peak of Kredarica. There are 141 sleeping spots in rooms and 200 in dormitories. The prices for place to sleep starts from 21€ up to 27€. There is also additional cost of 3,50€ for bed sheet. Here it is also possible to use Alpenverein discount of 50% for a place in dormitory and 30 % for a place in private room. Here you can find contact information and here the whole price list.

How to prepare before hiking

Climbing up to Triglav it’s worth remembering to take climbing helmet with you. It can protect you from falling rocks. It’s good to have harness and rope or via ferrata set with you, especially when there is more exposed part of the trail. Start as early as possible and take enough of water with you – the trail goes through open, sunlit terrain. The trail is marked with direction signs and painted red and white circles. It is recommended to extend trekking to two days. Of course to advance hikers it is possible to hike Triglav in one day.


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