The Canada project

February 17, 2017

Everything started when I went to a meeting about Canada. The more pictures I saw, stories I heard, the more I wanted to go there, to Canada. The Seed with the name Canada was planted. For some time I forgot about that but after some single information about Canada started to reach me from different sides. There was new prime minister in Canada, I saw some beautiful picture or read about national parks. I was getting closer to make a decision to travel to the country of maple leaf. I’ve started to make research in internet about the ways how to travel there and I came across program International Experience Canada, which gives a possibility of legal work in Canada for a year. I gathered all documents, filled out forms and this is how I found myself in a database. I had no other choice than to wait. There were no big chances that I will be accepted. In 2016 only 625 people from Poland could get a work permit. One day the email came. I got a visa! I was incredibly happy but at the same time some thoughts came to me: do you really want to go? Do you want to leave your family, friends and job? Do you want to go to the place you totally don’t know?

After some month I still have those questions, in the one moment I feel euphory and in another fear. There are lots of emotions inside me but nevertheless I had ticket to Canada, I fly end of April. I treat this journey like a test, challenge and new incredible adventure. I don’t want to close myself because I’m afraid of something. Curiosity in my case probably is stronger. The more I read about Canada, the more I want to go there. I want to see all this incredible views, meet inspiring people and experience new amazing adventuries, which for long stay in my memories. The Canada project has been started and probably the coming months will be focused on the planning.

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